Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Police and CBI failed in Ryan murder case

The police and the CBI are just botching up the case in the murder of a seven-year-old student, Pradyuman Thakur of Ryan International School, Gurgaon. If no one had killed Jessica Lal on April 30, 1999 and no one had killed Arushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade on May 16, 2008, then no one has killed Pradyuman Thakur on September 8, 2017 either. Since the police and the CBI are not able to find the real murderer in the Pradyuman Thakur murder case, they were framing the innocent bus conductor, Ashok Kumar and put him behind bars for several weeks until he was granted bail. Now just to cover up the case, they have framed the innocent student of Class XI. Something is wrong somewhere which needs to be solved immediately.

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