Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Political Illness

Politics in India take different routes and the politicians truly know how to handle grim situations very well. Lallu Yadav was admitted to AIIMS enjoying five-star facility there as a patient.  But it was found that Lallu’s health had considerably improved and he was even fit enough to travel by train and packed off to Ranchi. The former Railway Minister under UPA is now forced to travel by train and facing the music. He made rail passengers suffer by squeezing an additional berth in between the single seats and made them uncomfortable. It is customary that the people supporting Lallu even damaged hospital property in the melee and that shows how the power corrupts the system. Better council prevailed and Lallu Yadav was sent back to the jail. The way political illness is taking toll of our system and treatment was given to such corrupt leaders is more than what is required. It was notable that the corrupt leader was met by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi in his private room and that shows how a man with several charges is getting political backing when in jail also.

Abhishek Rama

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