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Political parties can’t take voters for granted

The results of Assam, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and West Bengal, polls have proved that Indian voters have indeed come of age and become more intelligent. Voters cannot be taken for granted anymore as no amount of antics, promises, or false propaganda and allegations will deter people from making a right choice when it comes to exercising their franchise. The Congress has been routed and thrown out from four states.

Now I will undertake an analysis of assembly poll results. The BJP must be pleased with the election results for winning convincingly in Assam and making in-roads in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Though, I am not very happy with Mamata Banerjee retaining power despite large scale scams, communal violence, devaluation of “secularism”, pampering of minority community and Bangladeshi migrants but West Bengal residents had no other option. They had to make a choice between Mamata’s Trinamool Congress or the Left. In a way, it’s a consolation too, that Left party leaders like Yetchury, Raja, Karat have been decimated and shown the exit door. They have always proved to be an impediment to the nation’s progress. Mamata, with practically no opposition in the assembly, will have to adopt a cooperative attitude with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for developing the state!

On the other hand, Jayalalithaa has her work cut out. I am however happy that leaders like “Captain” Vijayakanth, Vaiko have been made to hide their faces and lick their wounds. It’s better if they quit politics forever! For the first time ever, the Tamil Nadu voter has also voted in favour of a strong opposition. Voters have given Amma another chance as DMK will keep a watch on her performance. Jayalalithaa may have to take a very cautious approach and provide good governance. Else the strong opposition party DMK will give her a testing time. Besides, it needs to be seen, how Amma will implement those very generously announced freebies schemes.

In Kerala, BJP has opened its account for the first time. Violence and all other socio-economic problems will increase due to lack of funds, internal conflicts and obsolete ideology under CPI (M) rule and they will be decimated in the next assembly election! UDF has won mainly in constituencies that have good Muslim representation.

In states like Kerala, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, traditionally, people have had no third choice. Either they chose “evil party no 1” or the next contender. They then vote the ruling party out of office the next time. Residents of these states have never mustered enough courage to elect a better alternative national party. Perhaps, with the BJP making in-roads in these states, with good share of votes, to begin with, this time, the people may watch the performances of the current government and chose better alternative the next time.

But, kudos to the voters of Assam for ending the 15-year rule of the Congress and giving proper mandate to the BJP. The outcome of the assembly polls is likely to increase the strength of the BJP in Rajya Sabha as import bills will be cleared. Mamata Banerjee has already promised to support the passage of the long overdue GST bill.

Now it’s high time for the Congress to introspect. With repeated defeats and many scams being unveiled it will not be easy for the party to revive itself.  The newly elected governments also have a tough job to provide good governance and work truly for the welfare of the people. If the legislators of these states are found indulging in corruption and scams then they will be shown the door in the next election.

S. Krishna Kumar
(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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