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Politicians are like migratory birds

Whenever any leader joins any political party then he promises to work for the development of the party. But a question which arises in my mind is do they fulfill the promises made by them after swearing in ceremony. The answer is obviously no. Politicians can be compared to birds which migrate from one location to the other. During the onset of election politicians often switch loyalities to join rival parties.

After the UPA government suffered massive defeat in the Lok Sabha election many leaders including small time supporters have quit the party. Whenever any party weakens their loyal supporters join opposition parties as they are aware that the party won’t fare better in the assembly polls which will have an adverse impact on their political career. Another reason, why leader quit the party is the greed for plum posts. Switch other party is their desire to become a big leader. It is a well-known fact that Indian politicians change sides as per their convenience. Narayan Rane and had bid adieu to Shiv Sena in the year 2005 to join Congress. Rane had taken this decision with an intention to become the Chief Minister of Maharasthra but his dream of becoming CM for the second time remained unfulfilled. A combination of these factors, as well as additional ones, may help you to understand about the changing political equations in the state.

With an eye on the upcoming assembly polls in Maharashtra leaders are turning rebels making one point clear that none of them are really bothered about their party, people or the nation at large. Recently MLA Deepak Kesarkar from the Sawantwadi Assembly constituency left the Nationalist Congress Party. Seven corporators along with Congress supporters quit the party to join Shiv Sena again. A heavy weight OBC leader Kishor Kanhere and MLA Deepak Bansode close aide of Chhagan Bhujbal also quit the NCP to join Shiv Sena. There is possibility that Narayan Rane might join NDA. This attitude only shows that politicians have become selfish and think about their personal interests.

Why do power-hungry politicians betray their own party to join opposition party? Well they won’t be in a position to answer this question. After all people enter into politics for earning money and grab power. I would like to request people to refrain from voting for those politicians who are not trustworthy. How can we trust such leaders who are betraying their own parties? Vote for those candidates whose antecedents are good and who will work for the welfare of masses.

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