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Politicians making irresponsible comments

India has made good progress and is on the path of further all-round advancement in the matter of military power, technical development but we are slipping behind in showing respect and ensuring dignity for women in our society. BJP leader Vinay Katiyar had said that if Congress party can win votes due to Priyanka Gandhi’s beauty then even BJP has beautiful people. Katiyar’s comments drew flak from opposition parties as Congress demanded an apology from him. Katiyar’s remarks about Priyanka came a day after the Congress included her name in the list of campaigners for the Uttar Pradesh assembly election. He has spoken indecently about Priyanka Gandhi which only indicates about our mindset. What is the use of material development if human decency index is perpetually falling?

We must pay greater attention to the directive principles of our state policy. Constitution is like a rule book or guiding document for smooth and effective governance. The direction that we must follow in regard to what we should try to achieve, are enunciated in directive principles. To make things simple, we should develop scientific temper and balance it nicely with religious practices. Too much religious fervour is undesirable and must be discouraged. Liberalism in thought and expression and mutual respect for each other are to be aimed by all, especially politicians.

RSS leader Manmohan Vaidya invited a fresh controversy and sought the elimination of caste based reservation in jobs. He said that quotas will harm the country. He called for the abolition of reservation for providing equal opportunities for everyone. Vaidya later clarified his stand saying that the RSS has always been in favour of reservation because of the existing discrepancies in the society. However quotas can be abolished only done through constitutional amendment. Don’t fool around. Are you prepared for this?

Akhilesh Yadav released Samajwadi party’s manifesto which focuses on offering sops to rural population and woman in particular. The manifesto announced distribution of laptops, Kanya Vidya Dhan, Samajwadi Pension, laying of Purvanchal Expressway and establishing Janeshwar Mishra model villages besides improving helplines for police and women in distress. The Chief Minister directed all candidates to prepare a roadmap for development of their respective Assembly constituencies. The document promised establishment of farmers’ fund, 24 hours power in rural areas, Rs 1000 crore per month to 1 crore people under expansion of Samajwadi pension scheme, free cycle to girls in class 9-12, free smartphones under Samajwadi smartphone scheme, pressure cooker for poor women, free ghee and milk powder to poor students, nutritious diet to pregnant women at their place and 50 per cent discount to women in state buses. This program must be supported by all parties and the government.

Let all of us work for providing basic education and health care and support to the poor and the needy but at the same time work for population reduction on war footing basis.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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