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Politicians shielding godmen

The Court must cancel the bail of so called Baba Rampal and take strict action against him. The video recording of tussle between Rampal supporters and the Police should be forwarded to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and US President Barack Obama so that they also know from where his “brother” derives support. Six people have lost their lives so far in clashes between the supporters of self-styled godman Rampal and the Haryana Police in Hisar. The lackadaisical attitude of politicians is responsible for godmen like Rampal turn into monsters. They are the ones who feed, aid and nurture spiritual leaders to use them as vote banks. The RSS must come forward to strongly condemn the activities of Rampal. Then, there are polished Rampals like Sharad Pawar who initially offered support to BJP in Maharashtra for stability but has already asked his party workers to prepare for snap polls.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is engaged in self promotion by coming out with catchy sentences for the sake of garnering publicity. It is not necessary for him to remain overseas for a long period of time. Even though the PM of India is supposed to undertake foreign tours but there has to be a cap on it. The clippings of such tours will then be shown at places where elections are being held to impress the electorate. According to me it’s a violation of the model code of conduct.

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev does not require Z plus security but the government is providing him so that tomorrow doesn’t start criticizing them. People were expecting that Modi will start working for the nation’s development but he is more involved in self-promotion activities. After the infamous episode of Asaram bapu and his son Narain Sai, the government should have woken up to prevent the highhandedness of these godmen but no action has been taken.

Senior BJP leader Uma Bharti had come forward to defend Asaram when he was convicted for rape charges and held the Congress responsible for it. Bapu used to criticize Congress President Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi. This is the extent to which politicians can go to shield such tainted “ babas”. The attack by police on journalists is unjustified and condemnable. Journalists should ask Uma Bharti, Rajnath Singh and Amit Shah to clarify whether they support Rampal or not. It is the fault of journalists for not asking such type of questions to politicians. Worthless sound bites mean just nothing.

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