Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Post-office counter needed

Even though all the main departments of Delhi Government exist at Delhi Secretariat building near Indira Gandhi Stadium at IP Estate, there is no post-office counter in the building. Mainly all the government-buildings generally have a post-office counter not only to handle government mail-articles, but also for convenience of staffers and large number of visitors going there regularly. Department of Posts should open an extension-counter at Delhi Secretariat building situated at IP Estate (New Delhi).

Significantly there is a branch of public-sector Syndicate Bank at the building. But surprisingly the under-utilised branch is not used for government-work. Delhi government has its account at State Bank of India which happens to be largest public-sector bank in India. Delhi government should instead shift its bank-account to branch of Syndicate Bank situated at Delhi Secretariat building at IP Estate (New Delhi) for its own convenience. Presently employees of Delhi government dealing with banking have to unnecessarily spend extra man-hours and conveyance to go to branch of State Bank of India situated away from the building. Shifting bank-account to Syndicate Bank branch in its own building will benefit employees of Delhi government who can open their accounts in the same branch to get easy cash after salary-transfer from government-account from the same branch. It is for Syndicate Bank management to approach Delhi government to get the government-account.

Madhu Agrawal

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