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Poverty and exploitation

It has been reported that a person has been exploiting young girls for sex with them by promising good fortune to her parents. A lady facilitator has also been held. Stringent punishment must be awarded to such persons. The neighbours and society watchman should also be questioned and they must be asked to remain more vigilant for the sake of social responsibility. While traveling on local trains, we observe posters of Bangali baba. Even though the railways had removed these posters they keep on resurfacing again.

Sometimes, a lot of commuters fall prey to these false advertisements. These people cheat women and demand money from them on the pretext of performing black magic.

It is true that we have lot of poor and homeless people and they have no place to go and sleep but it becomes our duty to persuade them to be safe. They will only listen and follow a person with some authority. More than five lakh people sleep on the streets of Mumbai every night. That’s the conservative estimate given by civic authorities, though an actual census has never been carried out due to the ‘fluctuating’ nature of street population.

Children from the shanties built on footpaths toddle carelessly on the road.

Near our place, at turning after Antop Hill bus stop into the CGS colony, we see lot of men, women and children sleep on the road and the bus drivers must be congratulated for driving carefully without causing any harm to pavement dwellers. However there is a possibility that the vehicle might accidentally run over them. Similar situation prevails in many other areas e.g. below Wadala bridge towards five gardens.

Poor and homeless have to survive they are human beings too. But they should be persuaded by the police to take adequate cover for the safety of their family. Even though the government has announced various schemes but it has not taken steps to control the rising population. This issue needs to be addressed on a priority basis.

Police officers often have to work for long hours and many times their leaves too are cancelled due to manpower shortage. As a result of this many of them are undergoing severe stress. Policemen should be asked to undergo medical examination once in a year. You must listen to the mutterings of the hawaldar as he walks behind Nargis and Raj Kapoor in the film Shree 420. We do have golden hearted policemen who should be rewarded. On the other hand, we also have drug peddling “ baby madams” deserving harshest punishment.

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