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Prisma is now out on Android


Prisma, the photo-editing app that has gone viral, is now out of beta on Android and will be available to all Android users on the Google Play Store. Prisma basically lets users convert their photos into works of art and relies on artificial intelligence and neural networks to pick out the best filters for pictures. The kind of photos you can get after editing on Prisma, makes Instagram or Snapseed filters look positively boring. Prisma was first launched on iOS, and was then beta-tested on Android.

Prisma is only a month old but the app has already topped iOS app charts in several countries with over 1 million daily users, thanks to its artistic filters. So how does Prisma work on Android? Users have to upload a picture, and then the next step is choosing the right filter. Prisma users the styles of famous artists like Munk, Picasso, Van Gogh, Levitan as well as world famous ornaments and patterns to create its filters.


Prisma’s website says the app relies on a unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to turn your photo into a work of art. The filters have names like Impression, Curtain, Running in the storm, Mondrian, etc and you can choose to define the intensity of a filter that you apply by swipe left or right. What works to Prisma’s advantage is the UI is very simple and clean and applying the filter and sharing the photo is a seamless process.

While Prisma does convert your pictures into artwork, be warned it will take a few seconds for the filter to be fully applied and in some cases you might get an error “To many people using Prisma right now.” But most often the results are worth the wait. Photos of iconic buildings, historical monuments often look quite stunning post editing on the app.

For those who are social-media hungry, Prisma lets them directly share on Instagram and Facebook, which is always a plus. Given Instagram has 400 million users, (a number which will keep growing) this is a must-have feature nowadays on any photo-editing app.

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