Tuesday, May 11, 2021
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Productive mobilization of the citizens

If you notice carefully, the youth have become frustrated as they are unemployed. Secondly, there is a lack of system to harness their talents and satisfy their desire to contribute for the nation building activities. They want to participate but there is no one to channelise their energies and fructify their potential. The most important task of the next government is to develop citizenry to make them more responsible, disciplined and economically productive. Right now there is lack of discipline.

No one thinks about the nation or kids who need to attend school by boarding a bus. Autorickshaw Union leader Sharad Rao says, you can’t call me for discussion on phone. Stringent action must be taken against such leaders. The governor, the chief minister, the police commissioner and District Magistrate must visit his house and forcibly bring him to Hutatma Chowk and ask him to clarify his stand over this issue. It is a pity that our governor is merely ornamental. He must exercise his authority on such occasions.

Many times, I commute by BEST buses and notice several young boys and girls happily boarding the bus, buying a ticket and safely alighting. I really appreciate the competence of these small kids who attend their school by travelling in bus on their own and return home unaided safely. The bus strike had created lot of hardships for poor kids who were appearing for examination in this awful hot atmosphere. The strike called by the BEST drivers and conductors is illegal and the union leader must be punished. But who will take action against them? That precisely is the misfortune of our country and the next government must instill discipline as an emergency measure.

Our constitution needs to be amended to eliminate the post of governors. They don’t perform any job. They are supposed to step in to tackle such chaos but they remain insensitive. The Chief justice of the High Court can perform the functions of the governors. People say that India will disintegrate or become like Pakistan if Modi becomes PM. Leaders like Shazia Ilmi must first be drafted to perform national service by donning military uniform and join the forces on the border and not waste time on television channels. She should refrain from issuing unwarranted comments about the future of our nation. India will remain united under Modi’s leadership and we as citizens will see to it, otherwise what the purpose of our birth is?

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