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Pubs to remain open for entire night

Restaurants and pubs operating in the commercial areas of the city will function for the entire night. Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria had cleared the proposal but has also imposed a condition that these outlets won’t be allowed to operate from residential areas. If food outlets and pubs in some pockets open till 3.30am then it will boost tourism and business. The Police department will also ask restaurants and outlets to enhance security. Thus Mumbai’s night life will become more hip and happening. The government has been taking various steps to make Mumbai a financial and entertainment hub. People always go to the extremes; they either consume alcohol for the entire night or stay away from it completely. It will be better if the pubs are allowed to operate until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The MbPT had invited expression of interest to set up the floating hotel and restaurants off Girgaum Chowpatty, Gateway of India and Ferry Wharf. This organization has never bothered about technical advancement in the matter pertaining to port craft, and port cranes. They should have gone in for floating docks like the ones existing in China. The Mumbai police have expressed concern with regard to security and parking issues. Such projects are totally unnecessary.

MbPT has always been headed by an IAS officer and was never known for efficiency and thirst for technical up gradation. We also have read about the “dadagiri” of tourist guides at Elephanta caves. The boats carrying passengers are old without any overhauling. There is no organization to oversee these services.

The government had suspended the services of women in these bars. However, many of these ladies were quite sensitive and socially upto date in discussing various matters. They were largely mis-understood. Dance bar girls were indulging in some obscene acts and there is a need to curb or even ban such things. Unnecessary competition arose between drunk patrons thereby resulting into clashes and increasing crimes.

Beer is a drink that is not harmful if consumed in moderation For e.g a person should not consume more than two bottles. Wines are good. Even if you eat good food in excess, it will upset your tummy so moderation can be enforced by bartenders and managers in a persuasive manner. The police can keep a vigil outside the bars ( a norm followed in foreign countries) and may even take a round inside to check on any excesses. Finally bars should not remain open for the entire night.

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