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Pursuing foreign education has become easier

With globalization becoming the prime agenda of every country, several students are going abroad to study. Be it USA, UK or Australia, Indian students are flocking in universities abroad and making their mark in the first world countries. Students who do not prefer to reside abroad still pursue their higher studies from a reputed foreign institute as a degree from there holds a lot of weightage in India. Gone are the days when money paid a pivotal role in deciding a student’s career. With the availability of numerous scholarships in every field, merit has become the name of the game.

Thanks to our high standard of education in schools right from the beginning, Indians do well academically and secure good jobs with ease abroad. We display amazing potential to excel in the field of our choice if given a chance and hence want to leave no stone unturned when given the desired opportunity. Hence schooling in India is the best as it prepares us for tough competition ahead. There is a lot of difference between the education imparted there and here as many employees abroad use calculators to perform simple calculations which most Indians can do mentally.

Earlier pursuing higher education in prestigious colleges abroad was the privilege of the elite. Today, there are numerous options available for prospective students. Materials present in libraries like the British Council and American Centre is worth going through. These libraries also conduct seminars of foreign universities which are worth attending. J.W Marriot, the 5 star hotel also conducts seminars involving foreign universities from abroad. The delegates have face to face conversation with the prospective students and sometimes they select the candidate right on the spot. Besides that, there are many centres which offers counseling related to visa etc.

Most of the courses require proficiency in English as it is the language of communication and medium of instruction. However, if one is opting for some technical course, then English language scores as in Toefil and IELTS does not act as a barrier as the colleges are willing to teach these skills for the students if they are selected for the course. Undergraduate degree in academics requires one to clear SAT whereas post graduate degree in academics requires one to answer GRE. In most cases, SAT and GRE scores play a pivotal role in selecting a candidate for a particular course. For graduate courses in any field, your knowledge and expertise in the area of your specialization is required before hand as you are already expected to know the basics.

Once you are enrolled for a course, the college that has picked you will issue you a student visa. Here’s wishing all the best for prospective students.

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