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Rahul Gandhi as Congress president

It refers to media-reports speculating Congress Vice President to be elevated as party President in early December (2017) as also commented unanimously by all the party-leaders hoping for an uncontested election. It is clear that political parties in India based on dynastic politics stick for next generation of the family controlling the party for automatic emergence as party-leader, like in family-business. In such a scenario, it is for natural that Congress Vice president will certainly be elected unopposed as next party-President. But since Congress Vice President does not command as much hold on general public as is required for the top-most party-leader, best is to keep post of Congress President as decorative post having control on party-economy. A post of Working (or Executive) President may be created in the party which may be given to an acceptable leader of masses and party-workers, apart from being a trusted person of the family in actual control of the party. Such a move will be in national interest to have strong democracy with a significant opposition.

Madhu Agrawal

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