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Rahul Gandhi should quit politics

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi is not fit for Indian politics because his behaviour is amateurish. He cannot successfully fool the people, unlike Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had promised people that good days will come after BJP’s victory in Lok Sabha election. If Rahul steps down then it augurs well not only for the Congress but for the nation too. There is again a vacuum building in the political arena and, before some unscrupulous people fill it the Congress must reform itself.

Jyotiraditya Scindia is educated and hails from a good family, will not belittle Rahul and swindle Congress funds. Scindia is articulate and possess credibility. Kamal Nath is also a good leader but his pedigree is not as strong in comparison to Jyotiraditya. An alternative is theoretically possible if a good Muslim leader emerges and unites Muslims, Dalits and the weaker sections like SC/ST and OBC. However, I cannot find any such amicable leader till now. There are reports that Samajwadi Party, Congress and NCP should contest assembly election together. It is a good idea, unless scuttled by vested interests.

The Modi government is doing good job in not routinely passing adverse resolution against Palestinians because they themselves are not doing enough to free themselves from the clutches of Hamas. Let us hope, in this holy week of Eid, at the culmination of Ramadan the conflict comes to an end at Ghaza. Palestinians are good people but their leaders are not efficient. They must seek peace with Israel and work together so that their economic condition improves. If you visit the area, you will notice that one side has developed well and the adjacent area is in dire straits and needs upgradation. Let good persons among Palestinians, assisted by nearby countries, make an effort to co-exist in peace.

They can seek mediation from US Secretary of State John Kerry or even our Modi. American judiciary is foolish for offering lumpsum money as compensation to a litigant woman because reportedly the tobacco company failed to print adequate warning. How many of us read or think about the warning printed on the cigarette packs? On the other hand, the Americans are supposed to be educated and can seek guidance. The United States has sent tens of billions of dollars in assistance to Iraq, a large portion of which has been squandered or simply disappeared.

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