Monday, July 26, 2021
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Rahul relying on allies

With the hope of Congress making a comeback in Indian politics, Rahul Gandhi is now relying on allies to make his presence felt. Instead of building his own party he always locks horn with RSS and BJP. All along, the Congress vice-president was trying to impress by blaming BJP over farmers suicide, J&K unrest and more recently Gorakhpur hospital deaths.

As he could not have a firm footing with his allies, he now changes the topic and talks about job creation. Having disrupted the parliament throughout monsoon season, now he tries to gain popularity outside it. Congress could not do world of good to create jobs in their six decades of rule and he expects BJP to do a miracle. By simply issuing statements contrary to the real happenings he is proving to be a joker in the pack.

Akhila Mani

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