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Rahul targets Modi govt, says PM’s constant blunders, indiscretions have fundamentally weakened India

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday targeted the central government over the India-China stand-off, stating since 2014 Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “constant blunders and indiscretions” have fundamentally weakened the country. He also posted a few minutes long video and asked, “What is it about India’s situation that has made China act in such an aggressive way? What is it about this moment in time that allowed China to take such an aggressive stand against a country like India?”

“Since 2014, the PM’s constant blunders and indiscretions have fundamentally weakened India and left us vulnerable. Empty words don’t suffice in the world of geopolitics,” the Gandhi scion tweeted. In the video clip, the Congress leader said in the last six years, India was “disturbed” and “disrupted” because it failed in various areas such as protecting the economy, foreign relations and added that these situations had “made China act in such an aggressive way.”

“One has to go in multiple spaces to understand this. Countries are not protected by not one particular thing but by the confluence of forces, the confluence of systems. So a country is protected by its foreign relationships, it is protected by its neighbourhood, it is protected by its economy. It is protected by the feelings that people have. The vision that its people have. In the last six years, in all these areas India has been disturbed and disrupted.” Talking about the Centre’s foreign policies, Gandhi stated earlier that the country has strategic partnerships with the United States and Russia, which have now become transactional relations.

“Earlier, India could maneuver in geopolitics with the help of these relations but now India doesn’t enjoy these partnerships anymore,” Gandhi said He spoke on India’s current relations with its neighbouring country and said the central government has managed to anger Nepal, Bhutan and even Sri Lanka, who used to be friends with our country earlier.

“Our economy was something that we could boast about going to the world. We have seen the worst economic growth in 50 years, unemployment is highest in 40 years. The economy is in absolute disaster,” said Gandhi. “We have said on multiple occasions that the economy needs major boosts from the government. We have said fire the economy, protect small businesses,” he said.

He further stated that these three reasons have convinced China that this is the “best time to act” as India is now a country with a disastrous economy, failed foreign policies and troubled relations with its neighbours.

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