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Reality will force Donald Trump to adjust his approach: Barack Obama


US President Barack Obama said that reality will force his successor to the White House, Donald Trump, to adjust his approaches on many issues he defended during his campaign.

Obama, during his press conference at the end of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Lima, advised the world to “take a wait and see approach” to Trump`s proposals, Efe news reported.

Obama explained that since Trump won the election on November 8, his goal has been to be respectful to his successor and give the President-elect an opportunity to set up his team and put forward his policies.

However, Obama said he would speak out if core US “values and ideals” were threatened by the Trump Presidency.

The president described himself as “an American citizen who cares deeply” about his country.

The press conference Sunday in Lima will likely be Obama`s final press conference abroad, during his final presidential trip overseas visiting Greece, Germany and Peru.

Throughout the tour, Obama has tried to reassure other countries about Trump`s presidency, given the uncertainty and fear generated by Trump`s proposals during his campaign.

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