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Reduce pollution and save the environment

Earth is the sole planet that supports life. The survival of the species is possible due to the prevalence of balanced environment on earth. Man has made great scientific advancement, albeit, at the cost of our environment.  The main cause for environmental degradation is pollution. Toxic substance released by industries pollutes the air and contaminates water, causing hazardous diseases in human beings and animals. Who are these people who inhabit the earth and turn a deaf ear to her cries of agony? Overpopulated, with the balance of nature grossly lopsided, bursting at the seams with effluent and garbage, our planet does not need outside forces to destroy it.  Human beings will do it quite adequately. We denuded the mountains; therefore replantation of trees must be undertaken by us. The depletion of the ozone layer is one of the most serious problems faced by earth. Even though the government has announced various measures to reduce pollution but they remain restricted on paper. And public indifference has spelt disaster.

Proper planning of cities plays a pivotal role to conserve the environment. Chandigarh is known as the one of the planned cities of India. While developing the city, town planners have made adequate provision to protect green cover in the city. The width of the roads is wide and pavements are constructed for pedestrians. The state government is very cautious before giving approval for constructing housing complexes.

Policing, nabbing offenders, and wielding stick of discipline will not bring forth results. Let better sense prevail.  If we rise in unison and work consciously towards a cleaner environment then pollution can be curbed. The clean and caring habit has to be inculcated at the grass root level.  Today’s child, the inheritor of tomorrow’s world is going to lead the way. Ice cream wrappers should be disposed into bins. Leaves and flowers should not be plucked mindlessly. With increase in small cars the pollution level may go up drastically.

Solutions have to be found to counter the precarious balance of nature aggravated by the proliferation of pollution. It is now pay back time folks.  We have to return all that we took from Mother Nature and clean up the dirt that we swept under the carpet. The solutions have been provided by nature and stare us in the face. Give back what you took from her.  Unless the mind is cleared of all clutter and is brought to a state of Perfect peace it can never reflect the inner voice, which is what guides man towards progress. It’s time to act now and save the environment.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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