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Reform India’s judicial system

The police are worried that underworld gangster Abu Salem will escape from the jail. Can you blame Salem if he manages to flee? We have been witnessing his trial for many years, transfers from one place to the other during remand but no judgment has been delivered yet in this case. The biggest problem faced by our country is that its justice delivery system is disgustingly slow and poor rate of conviction. This is the main cause of rising corruption and increase in crime rates.

Look at the case of convicts connected with Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, what a mess they have created. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayaalithaa swiftly tried to take political mileage for trying to release Rajiv’s killers. Why does the government take too much time to take a decision and keep things pending? Is there no one to review such cases? Maulana Masood Azhar was kept in jail for long period of time and later our nation had to release him in exchange of the passengers of airline as he became a headache for us. Lal Krishna Advani said that he was not consulted about this matter. A question which arises here is why you are functioning from Delhi for a long period of time and yet contesting from a constituency in Gujarat, and every now and then you are seen crying. Why do you make a hue and cry over this issue? Why don’t you retire and just guide the youngsters? You are still greedy to become prime minister for what reasons? What new work will you perform now?

Ashok Singhal (he has been seen many times gasping for breath) is also not retiring and now pleading that Hindus should have 5 to 6 children? Modi and RSS must inform him that they don’t agree with his ideology. Do not have more than 2 to 3 children and take care of them so that they will become good citizens of India in future. The infiltration from Bangladesh poses a serious threat to India’s security and the government has become so weak that no one bothers to control it. As per reports, the number of NGO’s has increased and nobody is aware what they are doing and the source of the funds received by them and its utilization.

The legitimate government seems to have paralyzed and hence there has been surge in the number of NGO’s. You are unaware about the incidents happening in Defence Colony of Delhi ( recent reports about the nexus between an Ex CBI boss and some “ hazrat” staying there) despite it has been pointed out about the presence of wheeler-dealers there. So when you are unaware about the proceedings happening in Delhi, how will you know about the incidents happening in the far flung areas of the country?

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