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Religious conversion issue has taken centre stage

Making statues of Nathuram Godse and worshipping them will not lead you towards the path of progress. If you learn the skills like motor vehicle driving, 6G welding, electrician’s work, carpentry, specialist machinist, paramedical technology etc; then you will surely be treading the path of progress and prosperity. If you follow the footsteps of Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, Pravin Togadia and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh you will be heading into alley of darkness.

It’s better to work hard, keep yourself fit, healthy and happy. Ram Rahim Singh has no inhibitions or complex about his voice and acting which is laudable. Even before a film is announced on Prime Minister Narendra Modi a movie on Ram Rahim has already been made. We are witnessing a lot of nonsense regarding religious conversions being held in the parliament. There has been a logjam in the house as the opposition was stalling the passage of key bills like insurance and coal allocation bill.

Narendra Modi must speak up and take a firm stand on the conversion issue. The opposition has been demanding a statement from the PM in this regard. Technology for providing clean drinking water to the citizens ( a fundamental right), taking fast action for electric power generation is need of the hour. The central and state governments must pay full attention and work sincerely on these issues instead of holding debates over controversial topics. We seem to be more interested in pursuing the path of subjugation or upsetting some people rather than opting for development.

Let the VHP say that they have 100 Hindu technicians and should ask the government to train a matching number of Muslim technicians which will augment competition. The government’s proposal of opening a university for Railways is praise worthy. Let all matters concerning technology and commerce be dealt with by visiting professors from nations which have advanced railway network. During 1968-69, I had worked for a private firm manufacturing railway wagon at Ambernath and they were doing a good job. Thus we can surely achieve excellence in this arena.

The government must lay emphasis on promoting hard work and not deception. Recently while travelling from Lucknow to Varanasi in sleeper class, I was listening to a conversation between village folk. They were saying in local language that we must open as many Jan Dhan Yojana accounts because the government will credit these accounts first after the arrival of Swiss bank black money and we will become the first recipients.

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