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Respect the Flag and National Anthem

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The Supreme Court has asked the government to consider changing the rules regulating the playing of the National Anthem in theatres. The court said people are not required to stand up in the cinema halls to prove their patriotism. People go to theatres for undiluted entertainment and no such order can be thrust upon them to compel them to stand up for the national Anthem. In November last year, the Supreme Court had passed an order saying cinema halls should play the National Anthem before the start of the film. The Apex Court has also asked the government to bring in a law to amend the Flag Code. Should the National Anthem compulsorily be played in cinema halls is a pertinent question now.

Don’t we have an iota of respect for the national flag irrespective of where it is played? What if it is played in cinema auditorium? Is it so difficult for us to stand for a minute and pay respect? Should we sit, if we are able bodied, and ignore and challenge that why should we exhibit our respect by standing, and we have our own ways of respecting the flag. And the Supreme Court is now asking the government to intervene and legislate in this matter. Surprisingly it is also asking whether one should wear his patriotism on his sleeves. It only intervened a year back and asked to play National Anthem in the theatres and now it wants government to legislate as it does not want to digress into executive area. We have ridiculed our national flag enough by making it an issue for discussion in the first place whereas it should simply evoke patriotism by a mere look at it. If that does not come from within a person then he is unfit to be called an Indian.

Disrespecting National Anthem or refusing to sing it or worse calling it anti- religion is definitely reprehensible. Of late some people, eager to flaunt their ‘liberal-secular’ identity are out to support anything that is against normally accepted as nationalistic. Otherwise how can tons of newspaper articles are getting published in favour of granting asylum to aliens who have illegally migrated to India. Even in highest platform of individual freedom i.e. in USA showing disrespect to National Anthem is condemned and in our country some people are justifying the same.

The Judiciary seems to have less interest in disposing public cases but governing the government. Our leaders are responsible for this activism. I can say this without a doubt that we are unadulterated hypocrites. No wonder so many conquerors came to subjugate us. Our divisive qualities are without parallel.

The flag is the symbol of India’s sovereignty. It is quite important that all the residents of India should honour and respect the National Flag. Earlier decision of the Supreme Court ordering that the National Anthem should be played before the start of a movie must be obeyed till the pending decision is applied. We must respect and stand up at the beginning of the film as a true lover of our country. It is also quite subjective to stand in silence for the National Anthem. The tricolour instills in you a sense of great pride, no matter what the platform is, and that includes cinema halls as well. National Anthem is for showing the real national spirit and there is no doubt about it.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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