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Responsibility of citizens towards nation

Our Indian Railways is the world’s largest employer and doing a good job. On 26th March, I boarded the S 1 coach in the Kashi Vishwanath express for commuting from Lucknow to Varanasi. The coach of the train was in rather poor shape as it vibrated too much which indicates that the running gear needs to be checked. The next day newspaper reports mentioned that the train passed over a fractured rail line. While returning, I boarded the Jammu Tawi express whose bogies were very old. There was lack of cleaning arrangement in both these coaches. On the other hand I had a good experience while travelling by Pushpak Express from Mumbai to Lucknow in the AC 2tier coach. The coach attendant was wiping the floors every four hours especially before and after lunch and dinner time. I noticed that the passengers have become very co-operative. The men from adjoining compartment were very kind and accommodated us in the lower berth. The TTEs were also cooperating with the passengers which made the journey memorable for me.

While interacting with an MP who was our co-passenger, I learnt that the farmers have only few concerns about the Land Acquisition Bill provided they are taken in confidence and instead of leaving them to fend for themselves after doling out compensation. That has also been my view. “Jab dulhan ghar laate hain to uske parents ko dhanyawad dete hain, aapne apni laxmi hamein de dee”. The same aspect is applicable in case of land acquisition. The weather has become unpredictable with untimely rains causing damage to the crops. The Modi government must provide rehabilitation package to farmers affected due to crop failure.

I have not met the AAP leaders. However, I cannot forget the face of Arvind Kejriwal who while campaigning for the Lok Sabha election in Varanasi and said these words about Narendra Modi, “Woh to buri tarah se haar raha hai”. Looking at his face then, I could judge him correctly. The government must conduct a survey of voters in Delhi to understand their antecedents and character. If leaders promise to offer freebies to voters before election then they are likely to vote for them which is not good for democracy and nation’s development. Are citizens aware about their duties and responsibilities towards the nation or do they want everything free? Our social organizations must think along these lines and act accordingly which will pave way for the nation’s development.

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