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Return of Hazare Agitation

Veteran social activist Anna Hazare will soon launch an agitation to protest against the Modi government’s failure to bring in Lokpal and enforcement of Lokayukta act. According to Hazare, the government is not serious about eliminating corruption from the country. After paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of his birth anniversary, Hazare said that the nation is deviating from the principles of Gandhiji. He added that the nation has forgotten about Gandhiji’s vision for India. Hazare who had success spearheaded a campaign against the erstwhile UPA government for its failure to pass Lokpal Bill has gone into hibernation after the BJP government came to power. People criticised Hazare for going soft on the BJP government and alleged that he is the agent of RSS. They also added that Hazare will now only begin his agitation after the Congress returns to power. A question which arises here is will Hazare’s fast yield any results or is it merely a publicity stunt? Why didn’t Hazare launch his campaign against corruption after BJP came to power?

Anil Prakash, national social activist said, “Anna has remained silent for so many days and now he has started his campaign against corruption. He has soft corner for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even though he starts protest but he lacks idea about how to sustain it. In his every speech, Anna says that he lives a simple life. People don’t take him seriously now. He never speaks about the economic problems of the country and hardships faced by farmers.”

Sukhdev Benbansi, AAP leader said, “Anna had given time to the government but they failed to act against corruption hence he has gone ahead with hunger strike. The government has not formed Lokpal and Lokayukta. The allegations made against Anna that he is working for the RSS is unjustified. He works in the interest of the nation. Anna has started agitation in support of Lokpal and had achieved success and it will remain successful in future too. All of us should join hands with Anna to fight against corruption.”

Preeti Sharma Menon, AAP spokesperson said, “Anna had gone to Delhi for giving tributes to Mahatma Gandhi. I will definitely support Anna in his fight against corruption. The government had blamed bureaucrats for the Elphinstone stampede incident. If Lokpal would have been formed then they could have taken action against bureaucrats under citizen’s charter. If the government does not know how to govern then they should quit. It is important to have Lokpal today as the government has failed to tackle corruption and control violence.”

Vijay Kamble, social activist said, “Anna is working for the welfare of the people. So many protests are being organised in Maharashtra and across the country and the government had taken action against protestors. If such incident occurs again during Anna’s protest then it will be proved that Anna is not the supporter of BJP.”

Medha Patkar, activist said, “This time Anna’s agitation won’t receive good response. I don’t think that Anna has links with BJP and RSS and he has done good work. I will seek opinion of my activists before taking any decision to support Hazare’s campaign against corruption.”

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