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Revival of the port trust land

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari should be congratulated for taking bold decision and stopping the bulk cargo discharge at MbPT jetties. The cargo handling of coal results into air pollution and unhygienic surroundings. This activity can be shifted to a different place or can be done at anchorage through barges. Several discussions have been held pertaining to the manner in which the Mumbai port trust land can be redeveloped. It will be better to construct a Marina Bay (behind Caribbean Keppel complex) at Singapore and La-Rambla at Barcelona. This step will beautify the city and will aid in the betterment of public health.

We should be encouraged to move out, jog, and walk along just off the sea which will improve our health and wellness. The proposal of building floating hotels is not a good idea because it will increase conspicuous consumption, wasteful spending and pave way for rise in corruption and bribery. You will need to shell out substantial money for dining and consumption of alcohol at these hotels. Persons like me may be denied entry there and managers will ask, “Uncle kya cutting chai peen ko aaye ho?”. If you really want to establish a hotel, set up food court or a hotel like ambience at the entrance of Durban harbour. It looks beautiful after dark, as the ship enters for berthing.

We can set up a marina with private pleasure boats moored therein and the sailing boats for entertainment and sports. If you visit foreign ports, at weekends you find a lot of private sailing boats moving out with families for sporting recreation. If youth indulge in physical activities then they will become strong and their immunity will improve.

We also listen about the construction of some tunnels. What will you do in tunnels? The government must ask labourers to work at night time and improve the condition of existing roads and construct good flyovers. Some advanced countries have constructed different types of tunnels using latest technology. However, we don’t have to perform every task today as it can be done in a phased manner.

Leave something for tomorrow. Do you know why the Modi government has replaced the Planning Commission with Niti Ayog? The former was started by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru while the latter was established by Modi. Agreed, the planning commission had become a white elephant and lost its relevance in the modern era. The government nonetheless must oversee its functioning on a regular basis.

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