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Right to health and healthy living

Passion is that emotion which gives you the strength to survive the tribulations of life and continue to aim for the ultimate goal you have set for yourself. A life without passion is a life wasted. Passion need not be necessarily big, but it can be something as complicated as wanting to land on the moon to something as simple as reading.

How often we see people who have a tough time trying to reach their toes. Every day, we notice at least one ‘all-rounder’ who huffs and puffs to climb that one floor to their home or that one flight of stairs to the platform. But, that is not seen as a sign of being unhealthy and the panting is attributed to stress, those few extra pounds are characterised as a sign of the wealthy.

Health is wealth and the government has every right to have a concern over its people’s health. The recent drive and the initiative taken by the state government is a right step in the right direction. The initiative taken by the government is a right step in the right direction. As we have over 60 per cent people below 35 years of age, it is the utmost duty of the government to have a health check on people in this metro always on the lookout for fast food. The need for a fitness schedule forms part of the healthy workout.

Already awareness has been created through documentaries and other announcements for regular exercise to make sure that people improve their health status through social media.  Even newspapers should also bring out the importance of falling in line with fitness schedule in a planned manner. Health is wealth is really true. Stressful jobs take life of human beings or else cause obesity, sugar problem, blood pressure and chain of other ailments even for young professionals. It is time to think about routine exercise instead of just putting blame on stressful work alone. If there is a will there is a way also. It is time for retrospection.

In this spectrum, office work falls somewhere in the middle but allotting useful time for the morning workout keep one fit and fettle. We all propagate the importance of fitness and walking regularly is a good one.  Try to avoid using your car for going to short distance. Join with core group and do a world of good to adapt to fitter activities and achieve fitness goals in the most beneficial way.

While some may argue that healthy living is possible even without hitting a gym, we need to dwell on the practicality of such arguments. Unlike the US, we do not have special cycling lanes; our offices are not equipped with lockers and shower-rooms that we can freshen up after walking or cycling our way to work. Also, the Indian weather does not permit exercise all year around—the summers are bad, rainy season has its own woes, and the winter is practically nonexistent. Such scenarios don’t leave much scope for exercise. This is where a gym can make a difference and it is time to provide a conducive environment for fitness.

I strongly believe that every individual has the right to healthy living. Healthy living is not a privilege, but a right. Sadly, however in our country, healthy living is more like a right of a pocket of people who are able and willing to pay for it. It is time to provide easy access to superior quality, affordable fitness regime that will be an integral part of every Indians.

Jayanthy Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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