Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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“Rihanna feeling hurt but won’t go back to Drake”

Rihanna always had a feeling Drake would go back to Nicki Minaj. A new report claims the rappers are dating and now RiRi, 29, must be cursing herself for getting involved with a man whose low level of commitment made her feel uneasy. “Things didn’t end well when she and Drake broke up last year,” a source tells an online portal.

“She still has strong feelings over it. Seeing him with Nicki hurts, but she always felt like he was obsessed with her. Their connection comes as no surprise to Rihanna.”

“She definitely has no plans to get back together with Drake,” the source continues. “As far as she’s concerned, Nicki can have him. In fact, she thinks they should go ahead and make it official.” The sarcasm here is evident.

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