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RIP K.R. Bhat

K.R. Bhat was not an ardent fan of sports.  After being editor of In Navi Mumbai he learned the real value of hit and run game of cricket. He gave me an opening in “In New Bombay ” to write a weekly column “cricket talk”. Bhat is well known for his forceful and fearless writing in India’s literary world for more than five decades died in Mangaluru. Bhat was editor of Daily Newsband including the weekly In New Bombay published on Saturdays. He was awarded with an appreciation certificate and it is a great tribute for his hard work. We can see him walk across Manda Thai Udyan in Vashi during free time to get inspiration for his work with new ideas.

Bhat dealt sensitive issues like the relationship between India and Pakistan and the role of Rahul Gandhi as vice president of Congress. He was critical about the struggle of the small newspapers with news giants in the news world. He came, saw and conquered the news world with his simplicity and high thinking. Bhat used to encourage guest writers. Bhat means business and it was clear from his actions. Despite his age and leg problem he used to limp to the office regularly and made sure that the Newsband issue comes out with regular columns without fail. K.R. Bhat’s remarkable analysis of Dr. P.K. Bhat, the profile of a botanist last year was worth reading. It was sad that Navi Mumbai lost the guidance of a veteran journalist, who gave his life for the benevolence of the satellite city in a very big way.

Nickhil Mani

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