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Rising intolerance in the country

Last month several writers had returned the Sahitya Akademi awards to protest against the rising intolerance in the country. Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma was dismissive of the writers’ actions, saying the award has “nothing to do with the government” and that it was a “personal choice” to return it. RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat has rightly spoken that an atmosphere of hope and “can do and will do” has been created but this needs to be sustained and not frittered away by our irresponsible statements and silly actions.

Even though India’s population is rising day by day but the government has failed to take steps to control it. Rising population has become a huge cause of concern. The land mass will not increase but if population remains unchecked, strain on available resources are bound to increase. Mohan Bhagwat called for a need to rise above vote bank politics to formulate a holistic approach to population policy that is equally applicable to all citizens. Bhagwat, without naming any community, favoured a “uniform population policy which is applicable to all”.

The bitter relations between the BJP and Congress cast its shadow on the Africa summit. This is the first time that the internal squabbles of political parties are being reflected in foreign policy, which so far had the consensus of all political formations. That India wants to play a bigger role in Africa’s development is also plain and welcomed by Africa. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a further $10 billion credit line for Africa, over the next five years. India also pitched for African nations to support its Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, which had been brought in by the first NDA government in 1996, and has been gathering dust at the UN.

India must take this opportunity and sign agreements to purchase land in African countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Mozambique, Togo, Benin, Angola etc; and set up agricultural and industrial ventures there in co-operation with the local populace. We Indians indulge in loose talk and excessive politicking here but work much better in overseas countries. Our industrial houses must be motivated to move out and work. I met a company who are engaged in building jetties in Reunion Island to operate four fishing vessels from here. We want only white collar jobs inside the country.

The RSS headquarters is located in Nagpur. I learnt that most of the hoarded pulses were found in this city. It shows that social responsibility has not percolated in the citizenry here. Religious books are necessary to reform people. I myself read Gita sometimes even though I have read it many times. Religious books give us inspiration. These types of books cover many primary topics ranging from economics to history to human relationship. To read and learn Holy texts makes kids wiser and this will aid them take strong decisions. After reading Holy books, people can think in a positive way in which they become more ambitious.

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