Friday, June 25, 2021
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Road map for the next government

BJP says that if they come to power, they will transform Mumbai into a world class city. The Shiv Sena, BJP in alliance with RPI is in power in the BMC where 70 per cent of the civic body’s budget is reportedly spent on paying salaries to the staff. Sena has 75 corporators in the 227-member BMC, while the BJP has 31 corporators. A good work culture should be established here.

The first task is to improve cleanliness on Mumbai roads with the participation of BMC staff. Subsequently, the road re-building work must commence on a war footing basis supported by effective ground level supervision. Identify illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and begin their repatriation. Set up a desalination plant at a suitable location with the assistance of foreign experts. Strengthen primary education, primary health centers and skill development programs and minister must visit such places once every week.

Set up training programs for all employees of Central and state government offices, turn by turn, so that they become aware of the developmental programs and their details. These officials should know how a particular project is to be implemented and what is their role in facilitating it. Merely sanctioning a project and then taking no part in it should be the thing of the past.

An army of 1000 young girls should be offered training, just like we had seen on television. Kurds are sending all female units to fight the ISIS very competently. These girls will be deployed to prevent terrorism and anti-national activities. Seeing them in action, other kids will also feel proud. Build multi-level parking lots like the ones we have at the Airport. Construct ten more public swimming pools. Start an effective population control programme on the lines of Polio programme. Polio eradication staff has done an excellent job every Sunday.

The Park next to CGS dispensary at Kane Nagar is in a bad shape and requires maintenance same is the case with garden located in sector six. Parks in the city must be properly maintained and well illuminated. A message must be spread that Mumbai and India will develop through hard work and there is no substitute for this.

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