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Robin Williams and the dark side of comedy

There is a popular saying that there is no amount of genius without a tinge of madness. So was the saying true for Robin Williams. Be it his brilliant acting skills or his fight against depression, Robin Williams had experienced it all. Born on 21st July, he was an American comic superstar. His comic and acting skills were unparallel in the industry. The passionate vigour with which he enacted all characters placed at his disposal was unmatched for. Perhaps Robin had a streak for comedy right from his childhood days as his friends claim that he was very funny. His brilliance doesn’t end with acting. He was a brilliant student and was the president of his class. He also used to play for the school’s soccer team and wrestling team. He too was a victim of being bullied by his seniors at school and he would each day seek out new routes to attend school. William mostly spent his childhood alone. Perhaps this helped him to steer his imagination which helped him in his career. One interesting fact about his student life was that when Williams graduated, he was given the tag of being a funny person who was most likely not to succeed in life.

He began his career by enacting in comedy shows in California. He was soon recognized for his comic skills and was offered to appear on a comedy show by a producer. The show was Laugh In show. Although it did not prove to be popular, Williams made his entry into the world of television. From there on, there was no looking back for him. Williams had won many accolades in life including the prestigious Grammy award for the recording of his live show in New York named Copacabana. His other noteworthy works include An Evening With Robin Williams (1982), Robin Williams: At The Met (1986) and Robin Williams Live on Broadway (2002). The popularity of the show can be judged by the fact that tickets were sold off immediately.
Williams described his life as a comedian as a “brutal” life filled with drinks and drugs. The lifestyle has the ability to ruin a person’s life. That is what it exactly did to him. Williams was sure that he would never get exhausted out of fresh ideas as long as there were new events occurring in the world. Such was his genius. Although his critic Vincent Canby thought that the intensity of his monologue could lead to his complete meltdown.

Apart from being a comedian, he was also a full-fledged actor and has also won the academy award. The world mourns his death. It is truly tragic that the person who brought joy to so many lives himself became a victim off depression and lost his life in his struggle against it. However, his work speaks volumes about his genius and that is how the world would remember him. RIP Robbin William. Inspite of his genius in acting prowess, we should not forget the fact that he was only human and that human beings are not infallible.

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