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Roopa Ganguly criticises WB assembly over Lokayukta Amendment Bill

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Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament Roopa Ganguly on Friday criticised the West Bengal Assembly for passing the Lokayukta (Amendment) Bill, 2018, that will keep Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee out of its purview in issues relating to public order.

Speaking to agencies, the BJP leader said, “West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee with her tactics has amended this bill deliberately in such a way so that she could not get traced for her corruption acts. Being the Chief Minister and the party chief of All India Trinamool Congress, she is misusing her powers.”

Ganguly also took a dig at West Bengal’s Chief Minister’s brother and nephew, saying that the duo has been accumulating wealth illegally since Banerjee came to the power.

“If one closely looks, the houses in which Chief Minister Banerjee’s brother and nephew are residing clearly shows that she allowed them to gather wealth from illegal means,” said Ganguly.

She just pretends to be ‘Hawai chappal leader’, said the BJP MP while adding that from past five to six years Banerjee has been ruling the state without any good governance.

Ganguly, meanwhile, applauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making efforts in order to free India from corruption.

“Today, BJP is working day and night to make India corruption free. The Centre is also trying to create janmat in politics by introducing various programmes and schemes. Mamata Banerjee is far away from the kind of politics and ideology in which BJP believes,” said Ganguly.,” said Ganguly.

On June 26, the West Bengal government made an amendment to the Lokayukta Bill, keeping the Chief Minister out of the purview.

The newly amended bill states, “Amending Sections 8A, so as to exclude from the purview of the said Act any investigation of any complaint relating to an allegation of corruption against the Hon’ble Chief Minister relating to public order.”

Not only that, this bill also has a provision which states that there would not be any investigation on the complaint against a government employee without the prior approval from the state government.

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