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Roundabout – Sushant Singh Rajput

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Sushant singh Rajput, Sushant Singh, CBI, Mumbai Police, Bihar Police, Param Bir Singh, Aaditya Thackeray, Rhea Chakraborty, Suicide Case, Death Case, Bihar, SSR, Roundabout, Sushant caseSushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. In the six weeks since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has become a full-blown political wrangle. The clamor for a CBI probe into his death is growing louder by the day. Mumbai Police, which is probing the case, has called it a suicide but is continuing its investigation to rule out any foul play. Sushant Singh Rajput left no suicide note. Mumbai Police, during its investigation, said he was under medication for depression. While Mumbai Police kept calling Bollywood celebrities and people in close contact with Sushant Singh Rajput for questioning, a campaign gained momentum on social media for a CBI probe. Several people alleged that the Mumbai Police had a “hidden agenda” and was trying to prove it a case of suicide. At the same time, there is no truth in these allegations’ states, Maharashtra home minister. The most prominent angle in this entire episode is Money transfer; here are some of the details of transactions made from his Kotak Mahindra bank account in the Bandra branch.

Money transactions from Sushant’s account

Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh told media, “We have the statements of the people present.” On money in Sushant’s bank account clearing the air about money being transferred to various bank accounts, Singh said that there is no misappropriation of funds from Sushant’s bank accounts. Also, no money has been moved to his girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty’s accounts. The Mumbai Police are seeking professional help in bank transactions as well.

“Earlier there were around Rs 18 crore in Sushant’s account. At the time of his demise, there was Rs 4.5 crore in his account. According to our investigation, out of this money, no money was transferred to Rhea’s account was but our detailed investigation is on”.

From January 2020 to June 2020, 2 crores and 78 lakhs were spent from Sushant Singh Rajput’s Kotak Mahindra Bandra branch account. From this account, 61 lakhs of Rs were paid to some Talent Management company, Seema Lalvani was paid 60 lakhs as house rent, she is the owner of the place where Sushant was residing, real estate agent was paid 3 lakh 87 thousand as brokerage. Rs 2 lakh and 64 thousand were paid to Smatani Pawna Dam Resort, in the outskirts of Mumbai, where Sushant frequently used to go and stay. This huge amount was paid as farmhouse rent. Four lakh and 87 thousand were transferred to Rhea’s brother Showik’s account. Sushant and Rhea both went on a Europe tour; Thomas Cook travel agency arranged their travell, so 50 lakhs rupees were paid to the agency. Two crores were spent on Assam and Kerala trip. Nine lakhs of Rs were donated to Milap foundation, for the welfare of cancer patients. Apart from this, he made a fixed deposit of 2 crore rupees in the same bank. However, the transaction details of Sushant’s bank account include a telescope worth Rs 3 lakhs and 38 thousand and a wristwatch of whopping Rs 20 lakh. According to sources, Rhea’s expenses, such as beauty parlors, boutique, and other expenditures were deducted from Sushant’s account. They both were in love and living together as partners, Sushant used to love her, and he made many expenses without Rhea asking for it. At that point, he took her as his responsibility.

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Meanwhile, Sushant’s friend Siddharth Pithani said that the actor’s family members called him and asked him to call someone on Whatsapp and say that Rhea has transferred 15 crores from Sushant’s account. “I wrote a letter to Mumbai Police regarding the same so that there is no foul play,” he said. Talking about him, he said that Sushant used to take his own decisions, and Rhea’s opinions were sometimes a part of it.

Whereas Sushant Singh Rajput’s Chartered Accountant (CA) Sandeep Shridhar rubbished the news of any major money transfers between the two. CA Sandeep Shridhar said, “No major transfer except a few thousand to Rhea’s account. Once Rhea’s mother had transferred him Rs 33,000. He was a film star, so he had to maintain his lifestyle and expenses. They both traveled together, and he lived as per his wish.”

Earlier Police officials said, “We will submit the details of these bank transactions in court once asked for it,” the officer said. “Sushant’s bank balance is around Rs 2-4 crore, and Rhea had carried out a few transactions which seem to be with his knowledge. Police said Sushant’s family members did not level any allegations during their interaction with them, and what is coming out now is an afterthought.

The Enforcement Directorate has filed a money laundering case against Rhea Chakraborty and her brother Showik. They will be summoned next week and interrogated regarding the same. ED will probe Rs 15 crore transactions from or Sushant Singh Rajput’s account. As of now, no one knows from which account the FIR stated and from where this transaction was made. The ED will also record statements of others related to the case, and the Mumbai branch of ED will carry out the investigation.

Former Vs. Present Girlfriend

Meanwhile, Sushant’s former girlfriend and actress Ankita Lokhande told the media that she was not in touch with Sushant Singh Rajput once they broke off, and she never met Rhea Chakraborty. The theories of sharing a few chats with Bihar are rumors. Two years back, Sushant’s father called her because Sushant was not reachable to him to get connected to his son. By then, Sushant’s number was changed, and Ankit’s lost connection.

Ankita met the investigation team at Bandra police station in June, but her statement was not recorded. She did not mention anything about the details she shared with Bihar police. She also said Sushant was normal and did not have any complaints of depression earlier. On the other hand, Rhea was called twice to record her statements, but the police did not find any discrepancies. Rhea also said she had informed his family about the treatment. These days Ankita Lokhande is seen on many television channels talking loudly about Sushant Singh.

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Meanwhile, Rhea Chakraborty’s location is currently unknown. On Friday, Rhea, in her 20-second video, said, “I have immense faith in God and the judiciary. I believe that I will get justice. Even though a lot of horrible things have been said about me in the electronic media, I refrain from commenting on the advice of my lawyers, as the matter is sub-judice. Satyamev Jayate. The truth shall prevail.”

Now, according to the latest report in the media, Rhea and her family have left their home almost three to four days back in the middle of the night. The building manager seems to have revealed this piece of information to the channel’s reporter. Speaking about Rhea and her family leaving, he said that the four of them — parents and brother — left together in a blue car and had big suitcases with them. He also added that Sushant had not visited their apartment for a while now.

Politics on Sushant’s death

BJP is taking every opportunity as vengeance because, despite various efforts, they could not retain power in Maharashtra. Devendra had to step down on a humiliating note. Sushant Singh hails from Bihar, BJP is making its political fortune in forthcoming Bihar elections. BJP MP from Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey is among those demanding a CBI probe into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. On June 18 — four days after Sushant was found hanging — Dubey claimed that Sushant Singh Rajput was “pressured” to end his life. Dubey blamed his death on “mafia” and “syndicate” operating in Bollywood. He demanded a probe by the CBI or a judicial officer or the NIA, which usually probes terror-related cases. The demand for a CBI probe kept growing with BJP leaders one after another, saying they had no confidence in the Mumbai Police to investigate the matter. The list includes actor-turned BJP MP Rupa Ganguly and Sushant Singh Rajput’s cousin Neeraj Singh, an MLA in Bihar. BJP MP Subramanian Swamy also shot off letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, demanding a CBI probe into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. In his second letter, Swamy listed 26 reasons why there should be a joint investigation by CBI, ED, and NIA into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

There is a Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP government in Maharashtra. So, the BJP leaders’ demand appears politically natural. But they are not the only politicians to demand such a probe. In Bihar, BJP’s principal rival RJD held a press conference to demand a CBI probe into Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Sushant Singh Rajput was from Bihar, and his death by suicide has triggered an emotive response among the state’s people. RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav held the press conference with another actor-politician from Bihar Shekhar Suman. Now, miffed with the Congress over developments in Rajasthan, BSP president Mayawati too has pressed for a CBI probe. Her comments came after Sushant Singh Rajput’s father filed a case against the actor’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, for abetment of suicide in Patna.

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The demand for a CBI probe has intensified even as Maharashtra home minister and Congress leader Anil Deshmukh rejected the call for an investigation by the central agency. Mayawati, in her response to Deshmukh’s refusal, said Maharashtra government should get “serious” as its stand is “not appropriate”. Curiously, the Mumbai Police have continued questioning people in connection with the case even after a viscera report indicated no foul play. Prepared by the Kalina-based Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), the viscera report was “negative”, meaning the forensic team found no suspicion of foul play.

Post-mortem reports

Sushant’s post mortem reports indicate the actor died of asphyxia due to hanging and that there were no external injury marks on the body. His visceral reports have also tested negative for toxic chemicals.

Mumbai Police Vs. Bihar Police

Commissioner of Police Param Bir Singh told media during his press conference that so far, the statements of 56 people have been recorded. Sushant’s

Three sisters, his brother-in-law, and father KK Singh’s statements have also been recorded by the police. “A detailed and professional investigation is being done in the case. Sushant’s mobile phone, laptop, and other gadgets are being examined. Zone 9 DCP Abhishek Trimukhe is supervising the case,”. He also revealed that the late actor’s family did not doubt anyone when they first spoke to the police, and they did not come to Mumbai when called for further investigations. “The law is clear. If the jurisdiction is not there, it has to be registered as a zero FIR. We do not know how the Bihar police are investigating the case. They asked for some documents, we asked them under what sections they were asking for the documents,” he said.

The Bihar police team investigating the alleged suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput is so far receiving no cooperation from their counterparts in Mumbai. A four-member team that was dispatched from Patna by the Bihar Police to investigate further the allegations made by Sushant’s father and family in an FIR is getting a lot of resistance from the Mumbai Police. Bihar police accused the Mumbai police of offering no vehicles for the Bihar Police team to conduct a hassle-free investigation. At the same time, they are roaming around in the city with all sorts of posh cars sponsored by their kith and knees.

Bihar’s Deputy Chief Minister, Sushil Kumar Modi, said, “The Mumbai police are deliberately putting obstructions to a fair investigation by Bihar police in Sushant’s case. BJP feels that CBI should take over this case.” Bihar’s Advocate General, Lalit Kishor has also accused the Mumbai Police of not extending any cooperation to the team of Bihar Police, while it has always been a practice that the host state’s police extend all possible assistance to the investigating teams of other states that travel interstate for various reasons. As per Bihar’s AG, “If one state’s police go to another state for investigation, both works together. The home state police extend their support in the whole investigation process. But in this case, Mumbai Police is not giving any help or support to the Bihar Police. We only want the investigation to be done transparently. We are acting on the wishes and FIR by Sushant’s father.”

A video is also doing the rounds on social media, in which Mumbai Police officials are allegedly seen pushing Bihar Police officials towards a van. The said the video had raised grim questions on the mishandling of the Bihar Police officials by their counterparts in Mumbai. But the fact is that since a large number of media persons had gathered at the spot, the Mumbai police personnel took the officers of Bihar police in their vehicle and dropped them at a safe place nearby. As per some reports, the Bihar Police team has not been given the post-mortem report of Sushant Singh Rajput, even days after their arrival in Mumbai. Some reposts state that they have Disha Salian and Sushant both the post mortem reports with them.

Meanwhile, state Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has slammed attacks on Mumbai Police. He said, “The state police and Mumbai police are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. They are Covid-19 warriors, and not to trust them is an insult to them. I would like to tell all Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans that they should trust Mumbai Police and pass on whatever information you have (about the case) to them.

New Twist

Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh said after assessing the CCTV footage, Singh also ruled out any party happening at Sushant’s Bandra apartment on June 13, a day before his demise. “No political leader was present in the party said CP to media. On links with Disha’s death, Mumbai CP also said that there is no link between the deaths of Sushant and his former manager Disha Salian. “We visited the house of Disha Salian. There was a party going on with four other friends.

The mother of celeb manager Disha Salian, Vasanti, has said her daughter’s death on June 8 has no connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Disha has worked with Sushant for a short period. There have been speculations about a link between the two deaths, with reports suggesting that Bihar Police may investigate Disha’s death by suicide as well. Disha’s mother also said that while she is open to an investigation into her daughter’s death, she doesn’t want to experience the same pain all over again. Talking about the cases, Disha’s mother told the media, “This cannot have a connection with Sushant’s death, she never took his name. We didn’t know that she was Sushant’s manager. We came to know later. Only once, she had told us that she had gone to Sushant’s house with somebody. How can there be a connection after meeting him just once? She was his manager for a very short time.”

She said her daughter had earlier worked with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for two years. “She worked with her for three films: Jazbaa, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, and Sarabjit.” She added that Disha was a bit tense after she was asked to work on Ranbir Kapoor’s wedding but was later removed from the deal. Sharing her pain on hearing of various conspiracy theories around her daughter’s death, she said, “My daughter was not like what we had to hear from the news channels.”

On being asked if Bihar Police should investigate the matter, Disha’s mother said, “We are pained by reopening everything. I don’t know how long they will dig into the matter. Our daughter is not going to come back. If I could bring back my daughter by reopening the matter, we would have done something. We are open to investigation if anyone has done something wrong. Just don’t bother us.”
Mahesh Bhat finally opened up.

Mahesh Bhatt was snapped at the Santacruz police station as he arrived to record his statement in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. According to the reports, the filmmaker stated that he only met the ‘Kedarnath’ actor twice. The report further noted that Bhatt was close to Sushant’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, because of their film. Sushant Singh wanted to work with Mahesh Bhatt, but he never gave him any such opportunity because there was no work for him.

In 2018, Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt’s pictures went viral in which they were seen hugging and getting close. The photos sparked controversy, and Rhea herself shared them on Bhatt’s 70th birthday. She wrote, “Happy birthday to my Buddha @maheshfilm. Sir, this is us – you held me with love, you showed me love, and you have unclipped my wings forever, you are the “heart hitting “fire that ignites every soul it comes by! Words fail me. I love you.”

To which Mahesh Bhat gave media statements, too, that Rhea is like a child to him.

Media played very foully on this entire case, all those who had no name fame came forward speaking about the case and grabbed some publicity. Whereas Mumbai police are doing its job, and handing over the case to CBI is in the central home minister’s hand. Right now, if we Indians want that justice should be delivered, then we should stop believing in media trials.

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