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Sachin Tendulkar is really a Bharat Ratna

Sachin Tendulkar has once again proved that he is an extra ordinary man. He is Bharat Ratna — a ‘’Gem of India” indeed. He is a great cricketer. By donating his entire salary and allowances of six years to Prime Minister Relief Fund after he retired from Rajya Sabha he has proved his bona fide as a great Indian. The amount comes to approximately Rs 30 lakhs.

Prime Minister’s Office has conveyed gratitude to Tendulkar. In a letter, PMO has praised Tendulkar for his generosity. The amount would come handy for giving relief to the people who need it.

Ever since Tendulkar was nominated to Rajya Sabha, there was criticism about his absence from the House. Questions were raised about Tendulkar not participating in the proceedings of the House. The critics forgot that Tendulkar’s bat speaks. He does not believe in speaking rather his work tells everything. It was slap on the face of his critics when he donated his salary amount to Prime Minister Relief Fund. Soon after he was nominated to Rajya Sabha he had declared that he would not avail official bungalow to which he was entitled to. His critics did not take note of it. Is that a Member’s presence is known only when he or she creates ruckus in Parliament?

Tendulkar also made good use of MPLADS (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme) fund during his tenure in Parliament. He sanctioned 185 projects all over India and spent Rs 7.4 crores out of Rs 30 crores on education and on structured development. Even after his cricketing year of 25 years, Tendulkar has been associated with social work. Needless to repeat number of world records that Tendulkar holds in International Cricket. It is time to make honest appreciation of his career and work.

By simply targeting Sachin is not justified. His critics should better look into their own house. It is not like this that he has become role model of the country today. Even after he retired from International Cricket he is still very popular among the people. He is a source of inspiration to young generation. Achievements of son of a Marathi teacher have indeed been great. His name never figured any controversy. He has been an obedient son, a responsible husband and a responsible father.

Comparing Tendulkar with Pakistan’s Imran Khan or Inzamam–ul-Haq is work of sick mindset. Some say that the two Pakistani cricketers mentioned above built hospitals in Pakistan. The comparison is absurd. Sachin Tendulkar can’t be compared with any Pakistani cricketer or for that matter any cricketer of the world.

The critics of Sachin Tendulkar also abuse him because he earns a lot from commercial advertisement and by acting as brand ambassador of some companies. Is earning by honest means a crime? Is he evading tax or is he involved in any illegal activity?

Is it in the know of his critics that Sachin Tendulkar has adopted a village in Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh? He sanctioned Rs 2.79 crores for building School, Community Centre, Rest House and Toilets in the village. He made appeal to the villagers to quit smoking and alcohol.

Tendulkar is a real Mumbaikar. He could have adopted any village of Maharasthra. By adopting a village outside Maharasthra he has given his credential as true Indian.

Sachin Tendulkar became captain of Indian Cricket Team at the age of 23 in October 1996. He led the Indian team for the first time at Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in Delhi. He became run churning machine. But somehow, he was not successful as captain of the team. Twice he was given the responsibility of Captainship. India played 25 Test Matches under the captaincy of Sachin Tendulkar, of which, India could win only in four Test Matches and lost in nine matches.

In One Day International format, Sachin led the Indian team in 73 matches. India won in only 23 matches and lost 43 matches. When he realised that his batting was suffering because of the captaincy, Tendulkar decided to quit as Captain of the Indian Team but continued to play as batsman. He achieved one mile stone after another by creating records in International Cricket. Long live Sachin Tendulkar.


(The writer is a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha)

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