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Sadhvi Prachi targets Khans of Bollywood

Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Sadhvi Prachi has been making unwarranted statements. Salman Khan is a good human being and has offered break to many new comers in the film industry. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi admires him. Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan are excellent actors and have performed good work in the film industry. A saint should refrain from issuing such statements. She should recite the couplets from “Ramcharitmanas”, “sundar kand” etc; and praise Lord Ram and Hanumanji instead of spreading hatred.

The VHP and RSS should ask Sadhvi to divert her energies towards constructive purposes, for educational effort.

The RSS bosses must introspect and understand that they have lived cushy life. Many of them didn’t have to shoulder the family responsibilities. So they have not passed through trials and tribulations and therefore they live with half-baked ideas. They must work towards making the Hindus physically strong and impart skill based training, use of modern technology in engineering and medical field etc. They must care for the cows and buffalos and work towards increasing milk production. The Maharashtra government has banned calf slaughter. Cow slaughter is already banned in the State under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act (MAPA) but right-wing groups have for decades fought to extend the prohibition to the killing of calves, which could be slaughtered after acquiring the ‘Fit for Slaughter’ certificate from civic authorities.

Madhya Pradesh has already passed a bill to ban cow slaughter. The government must take steps to increase agriculture and horticulture production and not set up too many industries.

Quality of the product is more important than proliferation of factories. I was reading views of some young students who were saying, why does the government incurs so much expenditure on sending missiles into the space. I agree that space research is very important for the development of science and technology but “ thoda kam kar deejiye”. “Zameen par jyada kaam kijiye, hawa me kam”. Improve the quality of air that we breathe. Swine flu has already claimed more than 1000 lives in the country. Small children too are affected by swine flu as they start coughing, adjusting their school bags on their back and cheerfully head towards their school with sneezing noses.

When will the government take steps to curtail the rising population? I may have to find a lawyer to file a PIL unless the learned courts take suo-moto cognizance. Sweeping of road sides and clearing the drains doesn’t take place on a regular basis. The VHP and RSS must promote cleanliness which will augur well for the nation. These outfits must inform municipal bodies, that they will supervise the cleaning work. I request all “Sadhvis” to undertake this work. Why? Is this work menial?

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