Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Salaried class given a ‘Nelson’s Eye’ by FM in his budget!

Finance Minister was all praise for the salaried class who he said pay their taxes honestly but gave a ‘Nelson’s Eye’ when the time came for rewarding their efforts. He should have cut income tax rates for the 5-10 lakh income bracket but conveniently ignored after some sweet talk for their honesty. No announcement has been made in the budget to promote job creation and unemployment would continue to be a big worry for our economy. The rich one thought were spared as even Prime Minister’s earnest request of more tax collection from the stock markets was overlooked. People earning more should pay more taxes to bridge the inequality gap but India is a land where the common man would continue to suffer and be at the mercy of the rich and the powerful.

Vote bank politics is a bane on our society where politicians take decisions not for the betterment of our country and economy but for coming to power. US President Donald Trump is considered as a Joker not just in his country but the world over but look at the decisions he has taken in a few days since he took over where he is working towards boosting employment for the locals. Can’t India emulate him by giving a boost to the ‘Make In India’ programme which our PM promised when he was elected? Jaitley’s budget should not be judged by the stock market euphoria but efforts must be made to make life better for the common man in the country.

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