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Salman Khan Over Sultan Song Rumours

Quashing the rumours about rejecting Arijit Singh’s track in his upcoming movie Sultan due to a cold-war, Salman Khan has claimed that it was producers’ decision.

Salman Khan-AV
A short while ago, Singh had recorded a song titled Jag Ghoomeya for Sultan. Later, the number was re-recorded in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice and Arijit’s rendition was dropped.

The 50-year-old actor said at a recent event, “In every movie, there are lots of singers who are replaced. People come and sing. Directors and producers make the choice as to who would be the best voice for the film. One voice was mine as well, my voice was also rejected. They shouldn’t be upset, its life.”

“And then came those smart comments and posts. So the intention is understood why it has been written,” he added, taking a shot at the 29-year-old singer’s Facebook posts.

“This is the last way I thought I would speak to you. I have been trying to text you call you and do everything possible to tell you that you are mistaken about the fact that I insulted you. I never did. That night in the show t was the wrong time and wrong aura,” Singh’s FB post read.

“Nevertheless you felt insulted and I understood and I felt extremely sorry about it as me and my family have been your fan since long. I tried to explain so many times but you never got it. I apologized but you never got it. How many times I sent you apology texts you also know,” read an extract from the post.

Arijit wrote about his Sultan number saying, “No problem I apologize here In front of everyone but please it is a request. Please do not remove the song that I sang for you in sultan. You want anyone else to sing this song, absolutely fine but keep a version at least. I have sung enough songs sir. But I want to retire with at least one song of you keeping in my library. Please do not take away this feeling.”

It seems, the singer had second thoughts as well, since he later deleted the post within an hour.

Instead, he posted, “I hope he gets my letter through someway. Ps. This whole thing will backfire at me I know. Prayers.”

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