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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
HomeNationSalman Khurshid defends Digvijay Singh's 'Hindu terrorism' comment

Salman Khurshid defends Digvijay Singh’s ‘Hindu terrorism’ comment

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Salman Khurshid AV

Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Tuesday said that former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh’s controversial comments should be contextualised and not generalised as a statement against a particular community or organisation.

“Ideologically Digvijay Singh has very strong views. He has opposed minority extremism and said that every kind of extremism is bad. We must contextualise what he said rather than generalise it and think he is saying it against one community or organisation,” said the former Minister of Home Affairs.

Meanwhile, speaking to ANI, former Minister of Home Affairs Under Secretary R. V. S. Mani said, “I’ve said this earlier too that there was no official information on Hindu terror till 2010. Even after that, there was no such thing. I’ve written a book which clearly states how Digvijay Singh laid the foundation of Hindu terror and spread it.”

“In name of Hindu terror, he saved real terrorists using government resources. Arif Qasmani, the accused Samjhauta Express blast had escaped. In Mecca Masjid blast case, Bilal escaped. I don’t know his political agenda but there’s no Hindu terror,” Mani added.

Digvijay had recently commented that all Hindu-religion terrorists who had been caught in the past were connected to the RSS in some way.

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