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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Salute DRDO scientists who struggle to get proper projects & funds

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DRDO Mission ShaktiGiving the green signal to achieve Mission Shakti was PM’s Masterstroke and announcement to the nation was given in a noble way. Almost all smartphones of the nation, numbering 10s of crore and live broadcast by the cable network. It is a historic movement witnessed by a billion citizens. A great News for all of us — the Proud Indian fraternity! My heart is exhilarated and is going after the heroic deeds of our brethren who have put our esteem country in the global arena. Special thanks to the great people in the podium who have been nurturing and nourishing goodness and greatness. We salute everyone in this effort.

Another achievement for the DRDO! As far as missile technology is concerned it has repeatedly delivered as per the expectations of our armed forces. Maybe it was Mr. Kalam’s inspirational leadership and strict supervision which set off the missile technology team on the path to success. Unfortunately, the same has not been the case with the LCA project and the INSAS project. It’s time that these projects are looked into carefully and completed so as to satisfy the requirements of our armed forces.

It’s election time. Everything happening in the country need not be an election-related event. This is also a time to focus on the real leaders who have propelled the country ahead of the rest of the other countries. Let us remember Vikram Sarabhai, Abdul Kalam, and the present scientists of DRDO and ISRO whose names I have not mentioned giving room for commenter’s to complete. It is a proud moment to stand with the USA, Russia, and China on the Technology front and a remarkable Indian achievement in Science and Technology. PM Modi’s clear assertion that he does not want to use the outer space for war should reverberate throughout the globe. India has achieved another milestone in the space technology by destroying a satellite at a distance of 300 KM in low earth Orbit with anti-satellite (A SAT). The Prime Minister, while addressing the nation from Delhi, informed that the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO)  has successfully destroyed pre set target at 300 km in Low Earth Orbit.

He thanked the entire DRDO and ISRO scientists, technician, and all those who were involved in this mission. He also expressed happiness over this big achievement and said that India has become Space Power and member of the top four clubs in the world. India is the fourth country in the world to have anti-satellite technology. So far, only three countries USA, Russia, and China have this technology. The high level of Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) meeting was held where it was decided that Prime Minister will address the nation and tell the people of the country and global community about India’s achievement.

Prime Minister also said that we did not target any country satellite and neither had any intention. It will pose any serious threat for any nation it is a big achievement. This mission name was given as Mission Shakti by DRDO. It was joint operations of ISRO and DRDO. It has much importance as it will make our space safe and secure from any threat. With technology is becoming more and more significant and is being used various days to day life. Each country is trying to reach out into space and harness potential opportunities and improve the lives of people. However, many experts express the apprehension that in the future, space technology might be misused by country especially enemy country for surveillance. This in case any nation try to monitor our country activities than India can destroy that satellite. However, the reaction from the international community has not received so far about this achievement. Somehow, the opposition did not like the timing of the satellite being destroyed before the elections.

Gauging the Maturity of others is one’s perception. We cannot announce prior to any experiment of this nature publicly only after completing it with desired inputs. Vajpayee did that after Pokhran-II and BJP recognised scientists especially honoured Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam than those so-called seculars who were against proposing him for the presidential post. It is time to salute the DRDO scientists who struggle to get proper projects and funds and now achieved the goal with pride.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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