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Saudi Arabia on the path of Yoga!

Yoga has got the status of a Game in the Muslim majority country like Saudi Arabia. The Indian Orthodox Muslims, who oppose yoga should learn from the Saudi’s the importance of Yoga for good health. Those who experience the benefit of yoga for good health cannot keep quiet; they have to promote it; that is exactly what this Muslim Country has demonstrated. Yoga is necessary in this present time of stress. Saudi Arabia has shown its concern for the citizens health by promoting yoga which helps to protect and cure many diseases. There is no doubt that this will help in having a healthy nation. Human body does not know race and religion. To keep it healthy man must look for ways to promote its wellbeing. The orthodox people in India do not let yoga reach the people. Such persons are an impediment in the thought of a Healthy India. There is no alternative to ignore the orthodox and follow the path of yoga. Money and strength is depleted in fighting diseases, and one’s psychological strength too is reduced when one is ill. Yoga protects from illness and makes one psychologically strong at no monetary cost. Can the orthodoxy give this benefit to a sick person?

Arpita Pathak

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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