Saturday, July 31, 2021
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Save electricity, save earth

So far, we are still miles away from the solar power usage in our country. In fact, we burn coal and generate thermal electricity even today. Therefore, it will be better for us to save maximum electricity by switching off the lights, fans, particularly the mains of the TV sets, mobile chargers, computers, air conditioners etc. when not in need. In this way, we can also save our environment and the protective Ozone layer. Let’s remember well that the fridges and ACs emit the green house gases, when in use. We cannot switch off the main switch of the fridge, but we can certainly switch off the AC when not in use. Thus, we can save our environment from the green house gases at least, to some extent. Even the power supplying companies like Tata, BSES and Reliance print such useful advice on their all the monthly bills without fail. We cannot afford at all to neglect this golden advice. We must also teach our children to save power and thus, to save our lovely, beautiful, precious and the only planet earth with life, from any further destruction.

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