Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Save electricity

The global need of hour is to limit the greenhouse gases emissions on war footing basis. And for this noble, global, humane cause we all must learn and inspire others to save maximum electricity. I need not teach the learned readers of this eminent daily the various ways of saving maximum electricity. But for those who don’t know everything about the power saving, here are few suggestions. Please switch on any small or big light, fan, AC, TV set, computer only when actually needed. Otherwise please keep the switches of these appliances off. Please also switch off the mains of the chargers after the mobile is fully charged. Switching on or off any electrical appliance, takes hardly one second. And it hardly needs any physical effort. Secondly, we will have to cultivate habit of joining carpools among the friends or neighbours, at once, for going to the common area of business or job. This will reduce the emission of the carbon monoxide to a very large extent. If the distance is quite near, it will be better to walk or use a bicycle. Thirdly, industrialisation should be minimised. And all the industries should have the mechanism of ‘pollution under complete control.’  Fourthly, maximum encouragement should be given to promote organic farming. This will stop the undesired use of the chemical fertilisers and pesticides causing fatal diseases like various kinds of cancer, severe heart, lungs and skin related problems. The use of perfumes, sprays, deodorants etc. also cause air pollution, ultimately causing the running nose, sneeze attacks, unstopping cough and finally leading to undesired fever. After all, they are also ‘beautiful and nice smelling,’ but disastrous chemicals. And finally, the man kind all across the globe has cut down very huge green areas of jungles and dense forests for his selfish motive of earning lots of money as soon as possible. It’s time to plant and conserve maximum numbers of saplings and trees. All these aforesaid steps only can prevent further damage to our protective ozone layer on one hand, and increase its quantum to a great extent to save us all and our beloved planet Mother Earth on the other hand.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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