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Save our planet Earth

Earth’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only planet which supports life.  A balanced environment on earth is what makes the survival of species possible. Modern man has made great development in the fields of science and technology.  Today, he is all ready to settle a living community on Mars. So when even the planets of our solar system have not been able to escape the grasp of man’s advancing technology, can the environment on our own planet remain untouched? No. All the scientific advancement made by man has come at a cost of the degradation of our environment. The main cause for degradation of the environment is pollution. Today, industries are part of a country’s economy. As a result factories have been set up everywhere around the globe. The toxic substances released by these factories pollute the air and contaminate the water.  The polluted air is responsible for a number of hazardous diseases in human and animals. Running of transport vehicles raises dust and causes noise as well.  Chemical factories release harmful gas particles and fatal lead components, in small amounts may be.

Man is God’s most beautiful creation but now he damaging the environment by cutting down trees. These trees maintain a balance in the ecosystem.  Without trees, there would be no control over soil erosion, floods, droughts, pollution etc. Trees also maintain a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the air. Besides these productive functions, trees have innumerable productive functions. They provide man with timber, fuel, pulp, gum, resin, rubber, fruits, nuts etc. So, the trees are really very-very important. In a tropical country like India 1/3rd of the land is under forest.  However, the satellite reports show that forest cover is declining. The forests have been destroyed and forest land has been used for cultivation and constructions of buildings. As the future inhabitants of this earth, it is only our children who are going to suffer and only we can make the earth a better living place for tomorrow. We should plant more trees every year and report about the damages caused to them to authorities. Save the earth. Save the environment are buzz words.  People have started realizing the beauty of mother nature and the importance preserving her in her original form for future generations. Nature is our oldest companion and man has always depended heavily on her for all his needs. Today, despite all the technical aspects man is becoming more and more dependent on nature. Let us save earth from dying.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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