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Security profiling of leaders

A local woman with the help of a purifier company and an NGO, are supplying clean drinking water to the shanties located at Govandi. These “khatoons” are doing a good work in self help and social service. This is what we should call as “development”. Supply of clean drinking water, repairing/renewal of waste water supply piping, checking the wastage of water, extending such service to the villages affected by drought are the jobs that we must take on priority basis instead of constructing Metro III project.

The government must increase spending on public health. Land must be acquired for building hospitals for the welfare of citizens. However, it is necessary to upgrade the existing hospitals. Priority must be given to ensure the supply of medicines at these hospitals, homeopathic and ayurvedic centers. Several hospitals exist in smaller towns but they are not well equipped with the latest technology. Moreover, doctors are unwilling to practice in these areas.

Development must start from the grassroots level. Emphasis must be laid on the development of villages, tehsils and smaller towns for curtailing people’s migration to cities. A team of Delhi Police visited the office of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi to make queries about Rahul’s physical features. The form has been used to profile several politicians including former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, his deputy L K Advani, Congress president Sonia Gandhi and BJP chief Amit Shah

Everyone knows that senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani contests election from Gandhinagar, Gujarat but is residing in Delhi. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi contests election from Amethi and lives in Delhi etc; so there is no need to repeatedly fill up these forms.

People living in unauthorized colonies should fill up these forms. Officials can seek information from them pertaining to their nationality, employment, what problems they are facing, whether they are engaged in anti-social activities or not. A survey of agents representing foreign companies must be undertaken to ascertain whether they are accredited, are they engaged in any espionage or copying of documents from ministries etc. Information also must be obtained about how many illegal immigrants are staying and are they engaged in drug trade etc.

It is necessary to gather such kind of information instead of saying that President Pranab Mukherjee and Sonia Gandhi have also been filling these forms. Have they made any unauthorized construction in their bungalows? Why can’t information be gathered through personal contact in a more decent manner? The tax payers’ money is wasted for offering security to politicians. Most of the VIP’s who are offered Z plus security does not need them. It is necessary to engage them for larger public security.

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