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Seek blessings from Lord Ganpati

Ganeshji is our “ bhagwan” and we worship him enthusiastically and then immerse him because we are humans and have our own failings so we do not want to expose our weaknesses to the deity. Therefore, we respectfully organize his “visarjan”, pleading emotionally to him for arriving soon the next year. While doing so year after year we notice that the celebrations have become more noisy due to the existence of traditional band which can be tolerated. The surroundings become noisier due to the bursting of crackers. Why do we use crackers with deafening noise? Is it necessary? Won’t Ganeshji be pleased if we don’t burst them?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried his hands on drums in Japan showing friendliness and discarding formality. This is a good way of forging friendly bond. When Modi returns back to India, he should ask the ministers and officers to make preparations for the projects which will be built under collaboration. We should include a chapter on electric power generation methods, distribution techniques till it reaches our switchboards in the class XI and XII syllabus. This initiative will enhance the practical knowledge of the youth and their services can be hired for maintenance.

Provision of clean drinking water and providing water to the toilets in the schools located in villages is an important task. In many schools the students drink water right from the tap and the connected pipe line may be corroded and carry contaminated water. In many cases they drink water from a tank which is rarely cleaned. During my last visit to my native place, a student residing there told me that smelt foul smell emanating from the overhead tank. After opening the top cover of the tank a dead lizard was found. He got the tank cleaned and fixed fastening to the cover. Many times, I see monkeys dislodging this cover and drinking water through the opening. School principals must get these tanks ( cleaned periodically and ensure that covers or manholes are securely in place.

Modi has emphasized on improving cleanliness which is praiseworthy. We see garbage being collected on dumpers regularly but sweeping of the roads is not carried out amicably. There is scope for improvement here. The usage of plastic bags ( panni) has increased as very few people carry a cloth bag while visiting a grocery shop. Garbage collection, segregation and disposal should not be considered as an inferior job. A chapter on this should also be included as suggested by me above.

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