Friday, September 17, 2021
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Sena snub – blessing for BJP

It was a part and parcel of coalition politics in Maharashtra as Sena tried a trick or two to snub the ruling BJP in all the matter and that has become a mockery all the time.  The two are not ready to part ways.  For BJP, the support of Sena is needed at the state level and at the same time Sena could not just brush aside BJP as they are having a wise-like grip in Indian politics in general and the state politics in particular.  The allegations and counter allegations are going on since May 2014, but both of them prolong their coalition in a different way and the people are confused. Now everything is coming in open as 2019 elections are nearing and the scathing attack and snubs follow to upset the ruling party.  But Amit Shah as the Chanakya of Indian political scene had the measure of Sena and the relationship between Uddhav and Fadnavis is going smoothly as ever without any big conflict in the past. Sena’s snub is just a blessing for the BJP party at this hour and no immediate threat.

Calicut Krishnan

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