Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Sena’s style of functioning

The political parties in India have their own way of managing the protests in India. AAP was good in dharna, TMC in road shows etc. The way Sena is trying to show its resentment is somewhat very surprising and the coalition partner BJP is also taken back with the latter’s action in various issues. The bitter differences between the two parties came to the street and now it turns out that the tantrums continue in the cabinet meeting.  Instead of sorting out the problem by sitting across the table and finding an amicable solution, Sena resorted to walking out of the meeting in haste and thereby let their followers down. The tug of war between the two parties continue to haunt public interest for quite a long time and if one party behaves in such a way then the very purpose of a joint meeting is defeated. We should have better sense in solving national problem instead of behaving in a very childish way all the time in the name of protest.  Better council should prevail before the BMC elections to show that the two parties unite then there is no one to get near them.

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