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Skill development of youth

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly understood the need for skill development in our youth. Youth must be trained to perform their own tasks and acquire proficiency in it. Speed is the next important aspect. We are very slow in implementation of the policies. Scale depends on how much money you can allocate and whether you will be able to acquire land for the purpose. We need to create an atmosphere in our country whereby the dignity of labour is valued.

Arvind Kejriwal is an IIT graduate but he can only sleep on the road and call every body else bad. Kejriwal lacked basic knowledge about politics and was contesting against Modi from Varanasi. ITI’s should be overhauled so that more and more youth can be trained to become good electricians, plumbers, welders and carpenters. We should even hire foreign technicians as guest faculty for improving such training. Assistance from our industrialists like TATA, Reliance, Godrej, L&T etc will be very valuable. Nobody can dispute that IIT’s must also be established. However, we have good regional engineering colleges so there is no urgency except may be for the purpose of showing “ achievement”. “IIT gaye to Amrica pahunch gaye, ITI se to jaise phuket se hi laut aye”.

We have to get out of such mindset by giving value to good work culture. I was happy to notice on television, soak pits being prepared for constructing toilets in our villages which is a priority job. When we were young, we used to occasionally follow the girls into the “ arhat” ( toor daal) fields but it was a romantic gesture and no rapes were involved. Rapes are increasing as two films are being released every Friday and due to the availability of pornographic websites on the internet. I don’t say that these are the major causes, for increasing rape cases but only contributory causes. Only one film must be released in a month so that good stories and songs can be written.

In the film “Dhool Ka Phool”, Mala Sinha had sung, “Izazat to lelo zamane se pahle…”. On the other hand, these days even twelve years old do not need any “ izazat” for anything. Another point of concern is the rise of the Hindu Rashtra Sena (HRS) which is very dangerous and must be nipped in the bud. We simply can not allow such things and they must be stamped out forthwith.

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