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Skullcandy launches ‘Method Wireless’ earbuds at Rs 5,299


Skullcandy announced the launch of Method Wireless earbuds which are powered by Bluetooth and gears towards sports activities. “Because music can fuel better performance and satisfaction, there’s a consumer need for stable, durable and comfortable wireless sport earbuds. Method Wireless delivers on these expectations,” the company said in a statement.

The Method Wireless comes with features such as FlexSport collar. The reduced parts on the earbuds make them ‘lightweight, stable and comfortable in the ear,’ claims the company. The DualLock technology is reported to provide additional stability, making it a more comfortable, noise-isolating fit for longer workouts.

The wireless earbuds also comes in a women’s model, and a reported battery life extending up to 8 hours. Additional features include sweat resistance, built-in microphone and call,track and volume controls.

“Our research shows that while the benefits of wireless are most obvious in the application of sport, many consumers still use their day-today earbuds. They report insufficient fit and durability, and as a result, are missing the potential for a better workout experience,” said Amlan Bhattacharjya, founder and CEO of Brandeyes Distributors Pvt. Ltd in a statement.

The earbuds are designed to meet demands of high intensity interval training. The ‘sonically welded’ earbuds help keep out moisture such as sweat and rain while ‘proprietary fit technologies’ work together to keep the earbuds in place, the company added.

The Method Wireless priced at Rs 5,299 is available both online and at select retailers nationwide.

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