Friday, August 6, 2021
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Social choice and censorship

Pahlaj Nihalani commented that after his ouster from Censor Board people will be given a feast of pornographic and erotic scenes in the movies. Though Pahlaj Nihalani had to some extent reined in the erotic scenes in the movies; he was criticised for opposing them. The intellectual community following the western life style promoted the aspect of freedom of choice for the viewers. If audience is allowed to choose what they want then youngsters will definitely prefer to watch sexually explicit pictures and item songs due to their naturally heightened sexuality. If the entire society has exalted tastes for the arts then they can be allowed to choose what they would like to view and what they wouldn’t. But presently there has been a degradation of ethics in society due to materialistic tendencies. Historical movies could provide information of our country’s history and so inspire patriotic fervour. Devotional movies would inspire people for achieving spiritual growth.

Omkar Bendre

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