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Monster dads – A threat to daughters

There is a famous quote “Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy”. Money is an important thing in terms of ensuring freedom in our world. They say that from the instant a father lays his eyes on his daughter, he adores her. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like he is in stage bliss. In exchange, he makes a secret promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years, the mistakes she makes or the secrets she keeps… that is a real Father.

Manu Smruti, one of the earliest written works on Hinduism and the inspiration for other later religious works, treats women as vastly inferior to men. Even in those days, women were not secured, but daughters were looked after well. Now the scenario has changed, the more modern we are, more the concept of ‘modernity’ rules our mind and reflects in our behaviour. More than 1,000 young people in India have been killed every year in the name of ‘Honour Killings’ linked to forced marriages and the country needs to introduce stringent legislation to deal firmly with this heinous crime. Are Indian dads developing a new hobby of raping and killing their daughters? When you read a newspaper or watch a news channel, you will at least find one news of an Indian father raping and killing his daughter every day. Has this kind of child abuse been going on in India for a long time or is this incestuous rape practice a recent phenomenon in a society going through rapid flux?

Statistics of such occurrences are increasing day by day. Debate, discussions, and headlines are everywhere but hardly any solution is reached. These are situations, which should be dealt strictly with; the media should address this issue, bring to light the gravity of such situations and help the common man to reach to the respected authority to bring justice to the victims. The police should also be sensitive when they file a report of such victims. Let me put you across a bitter truth, there are many NGOs and Human right groups which are operating to give relief to such victims but in reality, they wait for such incidences to happen so that they get some job and gain publicity and funds for their organisation due to their involvement in this issue. A very recent example was that of baby Falak; many news channels asked Indian citizens to donate their salary of one day for her treatment. When her mother was traced, everyone immediately stopped discussion on the issue, though the plight of the mother was even much painful to know. Where are these so called NGOs who were making a mockery of the entire issue? Child abuse in India within the family most definitely calls for more study by Indian medical researchers and sociologists. In our view, the root cause of sexual harassment of children is that we live in a patriarchal society, which marginalises women. Therefore, their voices go unheard.

Type in Google “Father raped daughter or Father killed Daughter” and you will find horrifying incidences with appalling statistics. It’s time that India revives the Family Planning Scheme and implements strictly family planning norms for every family who has two kids, especially if they belong to the poor sections of the society. I cannot allow my tax money to be wasted for these idiots who allowed more children to the world than they could care for.

Father is the most regarded person in his daughter’s life; rather he is the first man in her life. She gets introduced to this world holding her father’s hand. Why do these craving and emotions change when she starts growing? This is a growing abnormality in today’s society.

Most of the daughters (girl fetus) are killed by parents and society before they are born. As many secular-minded people today say, his religion is that of a tolerance and forgiveness. Is this what we call tolerance and forgiveness? Why these demons opt for marriage, produce children and then mercilessly kill them. And if he can be so cruel to his own kid, imagine his crave for crime towards others? There are no other creatures on earth as selfish and self-centered as humans! Which evolution, one should be sensitive but the reverse is happening. When will Indians’ mentality change? Why don’t people of India realise that having a girl child is not a burden? And the main person responsible for the birth of a girl is not the mother but the father. The Government should step up initiatives for saving girls. Punish those who are responsible for sex-determination and female infanticide.

Killing and raping own daughters are even more cruel practice, my heart bleeds when I come across such issues. Indians, in general, have a huge anger problem. We need to acknowledge and take care of this national epidemic! Most of the daughters get killed due to the anger and false honour crises. And perversion knows no boundary when a man turns into a beast. This is the cruelest thing a father can ever do in his lifetime. He should be haunted for performing such acts. This is purely a reflection of our Indian male’s mindset and is a subject of contemplation. These kinds of pathetic situations happen only in the Middle Eastern and Asian parts of the continents where females are viewed as commodities. It’s high time for us to learn the truth and deal with it!! Animals never do this with their babies. Only humans do. Yet, we address animals as beasts. By systematically killing the girl child, Indians are heading towards being the nation of the largest homosexuals in the world. These desperate creatures will be a threat to the entire women of the world.

Some time back, there was a news that went viral, a father walked up to his sleeping daughter and bludgeoned her to death with an iron rod before she could bring shame on him by marrying outside their caste. Sixty-five-year-old walked into the police station and told officers on duty that he had killed his daughter. His daughter was not listening to him and kept insisting that she be allowed to find the perfect match for herself. She was firm on her decision and was not giving up to the wish of her family members. She rejected all the proposals brought by her father and other family members. This was annoying for the family and that’s why she was killed. Why so much dominance? The girl studied in a progressive atmosphere and was broad minded. She was self-reliant and confident. She was willing to marry a man of her choice from another community. It is unfortunate that even after educating her, the community has retained its perverted mentality. For the male in the society, it is a matter of pride and honour. It is unfortunate that the community members at large appreciate such an act.

Else can make one feel the honour of the khandan or caste is more important than the wish of your child. Are we living in a progressive society where women have equal opportunities?

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